Feb 042012

Season 2, Episode 3. We travel to New Zealand to check in with young gun rider Scotty James as he gets in some practice with his coach and we check out the Burton New Zealand Open as riders come from around the world to raise the bar and take snowboarding to the next level.

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  1. Great great great! The “Plug in Jesus” record is by far the best Mystic ever put, in my books. Fucking crazy record and of the few truely “evil” sounding records. Didn’t SLAYER cover something from it on their covers do&ube-10″?l#8220;Burn” would be as aaaaalllllmmmoooossstt great if it weren’t for the sound. “Ice House” and especially the apocalyptic “Stop the Machine” are fantastic! The singer once told me in an interview that “These Pressures” was about “the scene”, with its set of rules and all and how DR.KNOW didn’t wanna be associated with it no longer. Guess the change in sound reflected that as well.

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