May 072011

With the Los Angeles Lakers down 0 – 3 to the Dallas Mavericks and Dirk Nowitzki shooting lights out it is likely the Lakers season will end soon. Now its not over until its over, and the Mavericks certainly know that, but teams just don’t rattle off 4 wins in a row in this scenario. The 2011 NBA playoffs may still end up starring a Gasol, just not Pau. So inevitabitly the focus will shift to the off-season and how to make the Lakers better than a second round loser.

Enter Kevin Love. A former UCLA player coming off a career year where he was showcased night after night for the rest of the league. C’mon why even mention this? Well its just best to be prepared. This one is an easy one to see coming since we’ve seen it before. Just swap Kevin Love with Kevin Garnett and Kurt Rambis with Kevin McHale. Then send arguably the Wolves best player West to the coaches former team instead of East to the team the VP of Basketball Operations (or whatever title it was that McHale was operating under at that time) won titles with. The Wolves front office could probably use the same paperwork and some whiteout. They even sat Love at the end of the season, just like Garnett at the end of 2006-07.

Kevin Love

The good news is this will probably end up being a sign and trade with the Wolves potentially getting back some talent. Maybe the Lamar Odom reality show will end up at Buck Hill. But better yet how about Shannon Brown? Definitely still has a lot to learn, but what a great mentor he has had in Kobe Bryant. Combine the influence of one of the top players in the game with raw athleticism like Brown’s and he could be the scoring machine the Wolves have looked long and hard for.

Best case Kevin Love stays in Minnesota wearing the 42 for a long time. Worst case is he leaves as free agent frustrated with the moves of David Kahn. What will happen? Stay tuned.

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