Jan 202011

Last night the Minnesota Timberwolves were throttled by the Los Angeles Clippers 126 to 111. Now the Clippers are an up and coming team led by the undeniably talented Blake Griffin, an explosive scorer in Eric Gordon and a more than capable point guard in Baron Davis, but they are not even the best hoops team in Los Angeles. While the Clippers did not make the playoffs last year with a 29 – 53 record they have an outside chance this season making them a team the Minnesota Timberwolves need to be able to record a victory against if they want to participate in the playoffs anytime soon.

Last night the Clippers shot 12 – 21 from behind the arc, a blistering 57%. The Wolves on the other hand must have brought some freezing cold from Minnesota to the Staples Center, shooting 1 – 16 from 3 point land. Sales tax comes to mind when seeing 6%, not 3 point percentage. Some quick calculations tell us that is a difference of 33 points; the Wolves lost by 15. This Clipper team apparently has no shortage of players capable of hitting from downtown, with almost half their roster connecting on shots last night. Ryan Gomes, a Timberwolf last season, made 3 times the 3’s as the Wolves entire team. The Wolves lone 3 was made by Luke Ridnour.

Kevin Love

There was a single bright spot in the loss and that would be Kevin Loves double double streak reaching 29 games with a 26 point 11 rebound performance, even after going the entire first half without a rebound. Not a win, but perhaps some K. Love highlights will reach Ricky Rubio in Spain and he will take the buyout after this season and join the Wolves as David Kahn wants us to believe is going to happen. You can see David Kahn’s response to a question along that lines as well as other questions during a second quarter online chat on Fox Sports North. Love is closing in on another former Timberwolf named Kevin, last name Garnett, streak of 37 set back in 2006. Griffins own double double streak ended last night at 27, but he also was sitting on the bench during garbage time enjoying a lead.

The Wolves are not going to beat the Lakers of the league until they can beat the Clippers of the league on the road. And without the ability to consistently hit 3 point shots (or make them at all for that matter) they are not going to win by outscoring the other team. Their best bet is to D up and try and get breaks off turnovers, Corey Brewer can show the rest of the Wolves how this is done if they are unsure.

The Wolves are off until Monday when they play the Houston Rockets at the ancient and deficient Target Center.

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  1. Great insight regarding the ‘Wolves inability to put together the necessary elements to collect wins. The difference in the NBA is not that far part talent-wise from pretenders and contenders, but certain intangibles play a key role in winning and losing. Basically, i’m saying that all the guys in the league are damn talented (especially since a typical NBA roster is much smaller than Football, Baseball and Hockey), but certain players have “it” and others do not.

    So, given a little luck, drafting ballers not busters, and a making some timely trades during the February deadline, the T-Pups might get enough together to convince “Ricky Red” to at least give it a go in the land of ice and snow! Either that, or they can ship him some where and hopefully get more than he’s worth. Fortunes in the NBA can change in the matter of a few moves (see Lakers w/Gasol, 07-08 Celtics and the South Beach Banditos of 2010)…..Maybe Kahn will surprise us all?!?!

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