Dec 082010

Right now the Minnesota Timberwolves 2010-2011 season has stalled. The Wolves record stands at 5 wins and 16 losses, nowhere near the .500 record a Western Conference team needs to be at to even consider thinking about being a contender. Barring a miracle turnaround the Wolves best bet is to study up on ping pong ball probability, as preparing for any epic showdowns come second season would be a colossal waste of time.

There is good news though. Kevin Love and Michael Beasley are the real deals. Both need to be part of this teams long term plans if the Wolves ever want to again experience NBA Basketball past the 82 games every team gets to play. Darko Milicic might be a keeper as well, although its too soon to tell. His inside presence cannot be denied, but he needs to cut down on mistakes and develop some ferociousness if he want to own any paint in the NBA. This team can rebound, currently first overall in the NBA with over 46 per game. What this team can’t do is play defense, and the paint becoming the Darko side could remedy some of this gaping wound.

While the Wolves are no longer a regular on local programming with the Wild Hockey Club having taken over FSN, occasionally an opportunity to see this team play arises. And if you watch real close you might get to see Darko block a shot then Beasley get the ball down the court freakishly fast and dish it off to Corey Brewer for an easy bucket. Unfortunately this is a rare happening and if you got up to grab a snack you missed it. Watching Beasley create his own shot is one reason to keep watching this team. Another is Love hitting high percentage layups inside as well as shooting (and making) the 3 if necessary. Beyond that is unknown. Brewer has proven he can play in the NBA, now he needs to remain under control and contribute nightly. No more Superman impressions that result in offensive fouls Brew. Sebastian Telfair still doesn’t run the team like a point guard should, instead jacking up 3’s with a plenty of time left on the shot clock. Wes Johnson seems like he has potential, can he realize it alongside the losing? And will Jonny Flynn return as a better PG or will he be taking a pass on passing to shoot up shots? Those are just a few reasons this season is still worth following, as it is always all leading somewhere. Unfortunately in the Wolves case it appears to be leading to the draft day lottery.

The Oklahoma City Thunder bring their 14-8 record to the Target Center tonight and surprisingly the game is being televised locally, don’t miss a chance to see the Minnesota Timberwolves in action. Howl!!!

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