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Originally posted 11/19/2010 on Hawkeye Nerd.

So the 2010 Iowa Hawkeye season hasn’t lived up to expectations. Well, when does it really? Last season’s 11-2 finish was probably the most exciting season I’ve ever been witness to yet I was still left with that “what could have been” feeling. That’s just part of being a fan. Nothing short of a national title delivered to the Hawkeye Nation will ever alleviate that. And imagine the lofty (and most likely false) expectations that would stir up in all of us. So this season (currently 7-3, 4-2 Big Ten) is what it is. For those of you who are irreparably disappointed, try to remember the days the Hawkeyes were lucky to win 4 games. I purposely dredged up those repressed memories after last weeks dismal performance. It kind of helped. Feel free to give it a try if you are still having problems coping.

Speaking of last week’s game, I feel the need to comment at least a little bit, as, some of you readers may have noticed, I did not write a post game blog per usual. For this I have no excuse and I apologize to all (3) of my faithful readers. I suffer from what is commonly known as “loser’s writer’s block,” a serious affliction more commonly found in Minnesota and the Ames area. No need to fret though as I am once again feeling fine.

The Hawkeyes once again pissed away a late lead to lose to Northwestern last week, allowing the Wildcats to erase a 17-7 lead with a mere 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter. How did this happen (again)? That’s easy. The same goddamn way it happened against Arizona, Wisconsin, and very nearly Indiana; piss poor defense down the stretch and a 2-minute offense run worse than the Bank of America. Too bad Iowa’s defense doesn’t get bailouts.

Even though the wound from last week is still fresh, it’s time to move on. And what, if anything, could help the Hawkeye Nation do that better than an upset of the Ohio State Fuckeyes (oops, typo) on senior day in Kinnick Stadium? OSU comes to Iowa City ranked #9 in the country, posting a 9-1 record and looking for a share of their 6th straight Big Ten title. Their backs are up against the wall. Iowa, on the other hand, has nothing to lose. Unless you’ve had your head up your ass for years you know that the Hawks play much better as underdogs. So this could be a game. All we can do is hope that the team that played against Michigan State shows up instead of that team’s ugly stepsister who has reared her head the last 2 weeks.

So now we wait. And I shall drink. Just in case. So get out your black and gold Hawkeye Nation. Tomorrow is the last home game of the season and, given that the last game is at Minnesota, this may be our last chance until bowl season for an exciting game. I for one will be proud of our team, win or lose. But I will be a LOT prouder if the Hawkeyes win. So get drunk, get loud and get laid. It’s gonna be a great Saturday.

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