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Originally posted 11/13/2010 on Hawkeye Nerd.

Saturday’s game at Northwestern shouldn’t be too much of a challenge, if you listen to Vegas anyhow. Hawkeye fans, of course, know better than to feel comfortable as 10 point favorites, much less against a team that has beaten Iowa the last 4 out of 5 meetings, including the last two. The Wildcats did, after all, end Iowa’s unbeaten season last year and in the process knocked Ricki Stanzi out for the remainder of the regular season. Bastards.

It’s time for a little payback. Payback won’t come easy for the Hawks though. Aside from regularly, and may I add inexplicably, beating the Hawkeyes with vastly inferior teams, this year’s Wildcat squad is actually a very talented team. Maybe this is actually a good thing. After all, Iowa’s play does tend to be better against good teams, conversely terrible against shit teams (think Indiana last week).

Northwestern’s biggest (maybe only) threat Saturday comes in the form of one Dan Persa, veteran Wildcat QB ranked 10th in the nation in passing efficiency , 12th in total yardage, and Northwestern’s leading rusher. The Wildcat offense is erily reminiscent of the troublesome Indiana style of offense with one glaring exception, Persa can run. Shutting that run threat down will be one of the keys to victory. I like to think that after watching Denard Robinson [of Michigan] get broken in half that Persa will think twice about those shenanigans.

The vaunted Hawkeye Defense will likely have some opportunities to make some big plays though. Northwestern has given up a pitiful 50 sacks already this season. Adrian Clayborn and Co. will likely have Persa rushing throws or getting mashed like potatoes; or both. This leads to mistakes. Iowa’s secondary likes mistakes. Look for the Hawkeye Defense to score again.

Offensively, RB Adam Robinson returns to the starting lineup, with a quite capable Marcus Coker, whose rookie performance last week was more than impressive, likely seeing some time keeping Robinson’s legs fresh. I gotta tell you, it feels really good having a two-headed rushing attack again. Really good. Look for Stanzi to keep up his consistent play and put up good numbers once again.

Iowa should win this game. Iowa needs to win this game. This is the season. Next weeks game against Ohio State won’t mean shit if the Hawkeyes blow this. Not. Worth. Shit. Iowa needs to come out fast and strong and put these chumps into the ground. Pretend like they are Michigan State maybe. I don’t know how to tell which Iowa team is going to show up from week to week. I do know that the Wildcats have no business wrecking my weekend though.

So get out your black and gold, Hawkeye Nation. It’s almost game time, the only time of the week I get louder and more excited than during sex. The best 3 hours of the week. Get loud, get drunk, get louder. Game on bitches.

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