Nov 092010

Originally posted 11/09/2010 on Hawkeye Nerd.

Saturday’s dismal, and some may say lucky, 18-13 win over the lowly Indiana Hoosiers reminded us all once again why it’s so damned hard being a die-hard Iowa Hawkeye fan. It also showed the Hawkeye Nation why bitching about BCS rankings is a lost cause. I admit I was a little flustered after moving up a whopping two places in the rankings after making the #5 Michigan State our bitch, but I think this past weekend’s lackluster performance, and our subsequent jump of two more places in the BCS standings to #13, showed exactly why we are where we are. And at least we didn’t win and drop in the polls like Nebraska. There’s always that.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love being a Hawkeye fan, but we all know the feeling, year in and year out, of wanting to pull all of our goddamn hair out. It’s an absolute enigma to me how one week we can look like one of the best teams in the country and the very next look like Iowa State’s practice squad. And it is always those middle of the road teams like Indiana, Northwestern and Arizona who seem to crush our dreams and chances for a Rose Bowl or, God forbid, a national title shot. Whyyyyy?! I am more nervous about next week’s game at Northwestern than I was about Michigan State or I am about Ohio State. That hardly seems fair. Do you honestly think Oregon fans get nervous playing unranked teams who are 0-4 in the Pac 10?

I guess I’ll just try to be a glass half full guy and remember that, if anything, the Hawkeyes constantly keep me entertained and on the edge of my seat. And as a football fan in general, I guess that’s a pretty good thing. I’ll just have to live with my nails chewed down to nothing and semi-constant irritable bowel syndrome every fall. A small price to pay I guess.

While the win over Indiana was anything but impressive, it did have its bright spots. True freshman Marcus Coker ran the ball like a man possessed en route to 129 yards. I damned near wore out the rewind button on my DVR remote watching and rewatching a handful of his runs. The kid is powerful, fast, has great field vision and is going to be a great complimentary back to Adam Robinson.

Iowa’s Defense, while once again getting the job done, was absolutely porous in the waning minutes of the game (remember Arizona?) and got its biggest help of the day by a dropped pass in the end zone. I seriously thought the ball was caught and we pissed another season down our legs. All I can say is it’s about time we caught a break. A win is a win and I’m sure all of the Hawkeye Nation is glad to take it, pretty or not.

Check in again Friday as I explain why in all likelihood Saturday’s game against Northwestern will give me yet another ulcer. Until then.

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