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Originally posted 11/05/2010 on Hawkeye Nerd.

The Iowa Hawkeyes head to Indiana Saturday to remind the Hoosier nation that they are a basketball school and have no business standing in the way of Iowa’s shot at a Big Ten football championship. It’s probably a good thing Indiana’s uniforms are already red because tomorrow’s dismantling likely will not be pretty. It will in all likelihood, however, be an entertaining game for the Hawkeye faithful.

Offensively the Hawkeyes (6-2) will look to impose their will against a very weak Indiana (4-4) defense. And when I say weak I mean it. These guys flat out suck. Iowa’s offensive line should give Stanzi enough time to tie his shoes before he picks which of his wide open receivers to throw the ball to and make big enough holes to drive the team bus through. The latter of these two is going to be a must though as Adam Robinson will not play tomorrow due to a mild concussion suffered in last week’s ass stomping of the Spartans.

Have no fear though Hawkeye fans, true freshman Marcus Coker finally gets his chance to show us his stuff. Here’s to hoping he’s as good as coach Ferentz believes he is.

Defensively, the Hawks face a test in the names of Demarlo (what the hell kind of name is Demarlo?) Belcher and Tandon Doss, Indiana’s two standout receivers. Both players excel in yards after the catch, and given Iowa’s bend don’t break attitude, shutting down the big plays is a must for Shaun Prater and Micah Hyde.

Indiana thrives off short yardage passes and clock management. Adrian Clayborn and company are going to have to hurry, rush and knock down senior QB Ben Chappell and get him out of that comfort zone. Once that is accomplished Chappell’s inconsistency shall shine like a beacon and the Iowa Defense will do what it does best, dominate the game and score points.

If you’ve watched a single Iowa game this season then you already know special teams is a HUGE concern week in and week out. This week will be no different. Dual threat Tandon Doss is an excellent return man who needs to be limited. It’s just never a good idea to let the opposing team (even if they do suck) start at their own 40 yard line every possession.

And our kicking game?! Good Lord does our kicking game suck! If Myers can manage to NOT miss an extra point all game I’ll do naked backflips down Main Street. Okay, I can’t do a backflip, but I’d sure as hell be shocked. I personally think coach Ferentz should simply abandon the extra point kick altogether and just go for the @ point conversion every time. I mean it’s only 2 yards. And if they punch the ball in only 50% of the time that easily amounts to more points than making 80% of extra point attempts. Finally, my math degree comes in handy.

Overall, the game should be a blowout. Once again, the only team on the field tomorrow that has a chance of beating the Iowa Hawkeyes ARE the Iowa Hawkeyes. Case closed. So get out your black and gold Hawkeye fans. It’s time to watch another Saturday of our boys handing out some black and blue. Go Hawkeyes!

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