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Originally posted 11/01/2010 on Hawkeye Nerd.

The Iowa Hawkeyes handed the previously unbeaten Michigan State Spartans their asses on a platter Saturday at Kinnick Stadium with an impressive 37-6 piss-pounding of the then 5th ranked team in the country. This is the largest margin of victory over a ranked team in the Kirk Ferentz era. Iowa dominated every facet of the game and made a statement on national television, and in this reporter’s eyes once again proved they are the best team in the Big Ten.

I must admit though that even I didn’t expect the one-sided beat down Hawkeye fans were treated to Saturday. I mean, holy shit was that a dominating performance. And the cameras panning in on the Elmo wearing green with his jaw touching the floor every 5 minutes was priceless. This is what happens, Elmo, when the Hawks don’t shoot themselves in the foot. Your dreams get crushed. CRUSHED. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the only team in the Big Ten that can beat the Iowa Hawkeyes ARE the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Ricki Stanzi had yet another solid performance, throwing three touchdown passes and (again) NO interceptions. Adam Robinson continued his fantastic season, adding 2 more TD’s (1 rushing, 1 receiving) by dodging, spinning and just plain running over Michigan State’s defenders. This guy was seriously fun to watch all day. Iowa’s receivers all looked solid again as well.

The true story of the day though was the return of the Iowa Defense after its bye week against Wisconsin. Shaun Prater was named Big Ten defensive Player of Week following his team-leading 10 tackles and 1 interception. The Defense as a whole collected 3 interceptions, the first of which was returned for a pant stiffening touchdown after Tyler Sash picked the ball and then lateraled to Micah Hyde who ran 66 yards to the end zone. This 6 points would match the entire output of points by Michigan State for the day. The Hawkeye Defense, it should be added, also only allowed the Spartans 31 yards rushing on 20 carries, which clearly helped Iowa’s secondary do as they pleased.

Saturday’s smackdown was much needed for the Hawkeye Nation and no doubt silenced many critics and fair-weather fans. It did not, however, seem to impress the Associated (asses) Press or the completely worthless BCS ranking system, moving Iowa up a whopping 2 places to the number 16 spot in the nation. While we are now the top-ranked 2-loss team in the nation, we are still behind the Spartans. Fucking seriously?! The goddamn BCS is a joke! And not even a funny one at that. Anyhow, I could bitch all day about this but college football fans know it doesn’t do a bit of good. What is clear to all now though is that the Iowa Hawkeyes are NOT to be taken lightly.

On a side note, I feel compelled to let everyone know that my friend (the pyromaniac discussed in Saturday’s blog) has made it clear to all who will listen that his little bonfire after the Wisconsin game somehow gave the Hawkeye Nation a fresh start and he can and should be personally thanked for his sacrifice. As rediculous as that sounds I honestly don’t feel the need to argue with him on the point. Something happened after the WI debauchery and who am I to say that that wasn’t the spark (pun intended) we needed.

Anyway, it was a fucking great game to watch and one of the best Iowa victories in history, and we all have reason to celebrate this week. Check back Friday to read about the impending massacre the Hawkeyes will be dishing out in Indiana next weekend. Until then, feel free to bask in the glory that is the Hawkeye Nation.

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