Oct 302010

Originally posted 10/30/2010 on Hawkeye Nerd.

Last Saturday’s atrocity of a football game was pretty tough to swallow. While the Hawks have still have not been beaten by a better team, they did manage to defeat themselves for the second time this season, effectively (barring a miracle) eliminating them from Rose Bowl contention.

I could sit here and berate the special teams and coaching errors that cost us a huge win last week but that’s been done all week by the entire state of Iowa (rightfully so mind you). Instead I think I’ll just share with you a story of heartbreak and mild psychosis.

A friend of mine who shall remain nameless to protect his identity, followed up the game last weekend with a meltdown of epic proportions. Fueled by alcohol and massive disappointment, my friend actually took all of his Hawkeye clothing to the backyard, threw the entire collection into a pile, doused it with lighter fluid and burned it all to ashes. No shit people, I’m serious. His whole wardrobe up in smoke, just like his hopes of a trip to Pasedena in January.

Overreaction? No doubt about it. Understandable? For some maybe. Yes, the hype and expectations coming into this season was huge. And yes, in typical Hawkeye fashion our beloved team has once again shot itself in the foot. But true Hawkeye fans understand that these things are inevitable. We move on to the next game and hope to salvage what could still be a great season. It is certainly not the outcome Hawkeye fans were looking for, but it could still be something great.

Today’s game against #5 Michigan State begins our road to redemption. Once again the Hawks are 6.5 point favorites and once again I am predicting a tight game and a victory for the home team. And in honor of my friend’s epic meltdown I have made him and a group of our friends commemorative T-shirts for the game this afternoon.

So keep your heads up Hawkeye faithfuls. It may not be everything we had hoped for but it can still be something special. And we will ALWAYS be the Hawkeye Nation. Go Hawks!!!

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