Oct 222010

Originally posted 10/22/2010 on Hawkeye Nerd.

Saturday’s game against the Wisconsin Badgers is without a doubt the biggest game of the year thus far. While I’m not nearly as confident as I was going into last week’s game against the Wolverines, I still maintain that the Hawkeyes are the team to beat in the Big Ten right now. The Hawkeyes(#13) host the 10th ranked Badgers tomorrow in Kinnick stadium as 6 point favorites to remain unbeaten in the Big Ten. 6 point favorites to a higher ranked team. Please Lord hear my prayers and send the BCS system to hell. Please.

This really should be one hell of a game. Two classic Big Ten style offenses and defenses doing battle. Football the way it was meant to be played. Nothing flashy, just hard-nosed football, won or lost in the trenches. Makes me a little stiff just thinking about it.

Controlling the Badgers offensive front line will be key to tomorrow’s game. Averaging 6’5” tall and 319 pounds, Wisconsin’s line may prove quite formidable. John Clay, the Badgers star running back is, in my opinion, highly overrated. I’m quite certain my slow ass could run for a hundred yards behind those monsters. But would I want to try it against the best run defense in the country (Iowas. Try to keep up here folks.)? Hell no! Iowa can and will stop this rush attack. Can and will!
Iowa’s offense should have a slightly easier time on the field than its defense, but not a whole hell of a lot. Stanzi and company will do what they do again tomorrow; score more points than the other team. Enough said.

I could sit here and spit numbers and statistics at you all night but that’s not what this column is all about. There really isn’t much to say about tomorrow’s game other than it is going to be a great game to watch and if you miss it for some Nancy excuse then hey, your bad. Douche. My prediction (and we all know I’m the Nostradamus of Hawkeye football) for the game is a 27-24 victory for the future Big Ten champs, the Iowa Hawkeyes.

So get the fuck after it. Get out your black and gold, be the loudest SOB’s wherever you’re at, and get ready to watch a great fucking game of football! Be sure to check back in after the game to hear why the Badgers ain’t shit and the Hawkeyes rule. Til’ then, Go Hawkeyes!!!

Questions and comments? Piss off. I’m not in the mood.

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