Sep 162010

Week 1 for the Vikings was less than spectacular. Most people will blame Brett Favre for a not so stellar performance, but I have a different take on it. I have been wondering something a lot the last few days. Wondering why after countless months, weeks, days, and hours waiting for Favre to show up and save the season yet again Childress was not prepared at wide receiver? Why did Sidney Rice not have surgery right away after the NFC championship game? He would be healthy today if he would have done that. And could someone please tell me why on a team that worked so hard on getting a QB who loves to throw the ball, why in God’s name do we only have four wide receivers on the roster? You would think Childress would be smart enough to put weapons around your most prized QB. Yet here we are week 2 is quickly approaching, and Percy Harvin is iffy this week with hip problems of his own, Bernard Berrian can’t seem to remember how to catch the ball, and something called Greg Lewis has remained on the team over a more athletic more talented wide receiver in Javon Walker. Finally there was the trade of Benny Sapp for the sure handed Greg Camarillo. A great move in my opinion, but not when he only gets thrown to three times. Yes I know it was the first game and a new system but you need Camarillo involved in this offense. This Ship is sinking, good news is there is still plenty of time to fix the leak and set sail. A long shot idea; bring back Randy Moss. He is not happy about his contract situation in New England. Now would be a great time to try and work a trade. Give them whatever they want. It’s about winning now. Not draft picks in 2011, or 2012. Favre has always wanted to play with Moss. The front office needs at least make an effort to make this happen. And last but not least, Vincent Jackson. If a deal is not done by next week for Jackson I will be shocked. Yes Jackson is suspended for 4 games but considering the Vikings bye week is week 4, he could play in week 5, if and only if a deal is done by next Friday. Jackson would give Favre the speedy athletic WR he is missing right now. Childress’s job should be at stake in all of this. He’s the so called leader. So Chilly I’m calling you out. Do something now or I promise you this ship will sink!

  2 Responses to “Brad Childress Sinking the Vikings Ship?”

  1. Good Post, Jeremy.

  2. Still no Jackson deal…

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