Apr 092010

The Minnesota Twins start their 2010 season on a high note. The Twins took 3 out of 4 games from the LA Angels and showed some power while doing it. The Twins new shortstop JJ Hardy hit his first 2 homers as a Twin, providing a much needed power burst from the shortstop position. Another new Twin Jim Thome also went deep with a 3 run bomb in Thursdays night win over LA. Delmon Young contributed with 2 homers, as well as Justin Morneau. Morneau is off to a good start this season which will be a huge boost for the Twins. With the Twins opening the new Target Field stadium, I can see the Twins being in the top 5 of MLB teams for homers hit. Seeing how Target field seems to be a hitters park. That and the Twins explosive offense should make for an exciting 2010 season.

Now for the negative talk. What is Twins coach Ron Gardenhire thinking? Why does he keep playing Nick Punto? I know there are people out there that will say its because he plays good defense, which I do not disagree with, but come on this guy is a bum. When he bats there is no chance of him going deep. And a slim chance of him even getting hits. This team needs a third baseman that can get hits and hit the long ball. I will take a third baseman that hits for a decent average, and can hit homers. And I am willing to have him make an occasional error over a guy who could not hit off a high school pitcher. That’s you Punto. I feel like we have given him enough chances. That’s where Brendan Harris comes in. Harris finally got the start last night at third base over Nick Punto. Making the most of what seems to be a rare occasion, Harris was an instant impact, hitting a go ahead 2 runhomer. But with that said i am sure that coach Gardenhire will continue his love fest for Punto and continue to give him playing time. Come on Gardy this man crush with Punto has got to end sometime, why not now?

And now to the Twins pitching staff. Besides Scott Baker being a little shaky, I would say the Twins pitched fantastic. Carl Pavano, Nick Blackburn, and Kevin Slowey all pitched very well. And with all the drama over the Joe Nathan season ending injury Jon Rauch stepped in and went 2 for 2 in his save chances. That seems solid to me. I know the Twins have 158 games to go, but the Twins appear ready to make another world series run this year. But what do I know, I’m just the Sports Reporter.

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  1. The 2nd to last line of this post positions the Twins “to make another World Series run”, I have to admit–I like that you set your sights high!

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