Jan 142010

Rumors were flying Tuesday night with an attempted trade by the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Timberwolves supposedly offered Al Jefferson to the Indiana Pacers for the young talented Danny Granger. A trade that would have been an absolute steal for the Timberwolves. While Jeffersons stats seem to be somewhat impressive the truth is they are somewhat  distorted. Don’t get me wrong, I think Jefferson is one of the best low post players in the NBA. He has great moves around the basket and for the most part knows how to finish. The problem is he has become a black hole on offense. Once he gets the ball he does not give it back up to another teammate. His jump shot has become embarrassing. Barely hitting rim half the time. He has clearly become a me first player on a team trying to learn just how to win. I have no problem with a me first kind of player as long as you can back it up every night. Jefferson would be a better player with talent around him and learning to stay away from his weaknesses.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               It is pretty clear to me that David Kahn is trying to clean up the mess that Kevin Mchale left him. The only Two players left from the KG trade are Ryan Gomes and Jefferson. However Kahn denies trying to trade Jefferson, while also there are no jealousy issues between Jefferson and the up and coming Kevin love which also was rumored along with the trade.  Kahn appears to know what he is doing and i have faith he will go after a big time free agent this summer. So will Kahn trade Al Jefferson? For now it seems unlikely. Al Jefferson responded to this rumor by having a 26 point 26 rebound performance against the Houston Rockets in a triple overtime thriller. Maybe the Timberwolves should start trade rumors about Jefferson before every game, so they can get this type of performance. Maybe Jefferson wants out of Minnesota and realizes the only way out is to play like there is no tomorrow. If that is the case that is just fine.The better he plays the more appealing he looks to other NBA teams looking for a forward they can trade for. Either before the trade deadline or after the season is over i can see Al Jefferson moving on out.

By Jeremy Suess

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  1. Great assessment on the “Timberpuppies” and their lead dog, Al Jefferson. Certainly, there is much work to be done with this young team before they can become a contender once again. I agree with this post that Jefferson needs to be moved and feel K.Love becomes the dominant big man in the post. I would like to see them get a proven scorer in a trade along with a more dependable, veteran center who knows how to play the position at this level (unlike that of Mark Blount). Leadership and high character is another focal point that must be addressed with free agency looming just a few months away. One has to hope that Kahn’s masterplan involving the Ricky Rubio pick will yield positive results, whether they retain his services or ship him elsewhere.

    Finally, in the short term the wolves must put people in the seats, similar to Memphis’ attempt last season to bring in Allen Iverson. Rather than go the route of the highly unstable and geriatric; I suggest picking up a recently drafted, athletic player that is looking to breakout and make their mark in the NBA. Trading for former Louisville Cardinal Terrence Williams of New Jersey would be ideal in this situation and I invision him quickly becoming a fan favorite.

    In the end–patience may be a coveted virtue, however the time is now to make sure the Wolves appease their fanbase by not only installing hope for a bright future, but also sense of satisfaction in the present!

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