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While the weather in Minnesota reaches frigid temperatures, the temperature in the dome on Sunday will be red hot. It’s week 17 and another must win game for the Minnesota Vikings. The last 2 weeks have also been must wins, and the Vikings came up short. While week 17 is a week of rest for several NFL teams the Vikings will be working hard to show their fans that they are still contenders in the NFC.
Why did it have to come to this; a must win game the last week of the regular season? Is it a head coach slowly choking this team to death? Is it the bad play of a 40 year old quarterback who continues to struggle in December? Is it a pro bowl running back who fumbles the ball on what seems to be a regular basis? Is it the special teams unit that has fallen apart and allowed teams to enter Vikings territory as if they belonged there? These are all contributing factors to the last few losses that Brad Childress has hopefully adjusted since last Monday. But what about the piece that is out of Childress’ control; the Minnesota Vikings fans?

What type of Vikings fans will show up Sunday? Will it be the fans that are considered to be the loudest in the NFL, or will the crowd be cold and quiet because they feel another wasted season is on the horizon? The Vikings need their fans more than ever now, and if the crowd gets quiet early and the Vikings find themselves trailing it could be the end of them. We have seen it too many times in Vikings’ history. Good seasons with great collapses.

It will be interesting to see if Childress has his team prepared by rectifying the problems identified above but if he doesn’t might we hear the chants of “fire Childress” echo through the dome? Will the fans heat up not with Vikings spirit but with anger realizing that Ziggy Wilf has given this clown an extension to single handedly kill this franchise?

Maybe Wilf wants this to happen so he can move the team to Los Angeles, and Childress was the perfect puppet for the job. A loss on Sunday or a loss in the first round of the playoffs pretty much guarantees that the new stadium the Vikings have been desiring will not come to fruition which in turn will ensure no NFL team in Minnesota at all in the coming years.

The sad thing now is that if the Vikings turn it around and succeed in the playoffs the person that will be waiting in line to take the credit will be the gutless wonder I call coach Childress. So while the temperature will remain chilly outside I can only hope that the heat will be rising inside the Metrodome this Sunday.

By: Jeremy Suess

  18 Responses to “A Chilly Sunday?”

  1. Yes, the Vikings coach has to go, but with a win today he is sure to be around for a few more years. At least they decided to throw the ball on first down a few times. I was shocked to see that the offensive coordinator finally saw what every other team has seen all season in the Vikings “first down run up the middle for no gain play”. It really showed that Favre still has his arm.

    Now with a couple weeks off, the Vikes have no excuse for not winning their next playoff game in the dome. Stick to what has been working (the passing game) and they are sure to be successful. Go Purple!

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