Dec 292009

What Minnesota Vikings fan was not blown away while watching last night’s game? They started out weak and continued downhill. Then in the second half there is another glimmer of hope. Is it possible? Are we really going to do this? Then a tie! Overtime! Missed field goal! It was too intense, but in the end it wasn’t enough and the Minnesota Vikings lost to the Chicago Bears. One has to wonder, should it have actually come down to the wire the way that it did, or where there too many mistakes made early on that could have prevented such a close game.
The Vikings started their offensive series by running on their first three plays, and what was the result? Three and out. As predicted the gutless Brad Childress came out conservative. In the second quarter as the Vikings find themselves trailing six to zero with nine minutes and fifty seconds to go in a big third and three does Childress get aggressive and go for it? No, he calls for yet another run with Chester Taylor which again comes up short. With three minutes to go in the second quarter the Vikings start their drive with yet another run followed by another run. As the clock continued to wind down it seemed that Childress thought his team was leading the game. His calls did not reflect the urgency that a coach should have when they are down 16 to 0. Brett Favre’s first half stats were: 5 for 9, 36 yards and 0 touch downs. This is what happens when Childress is in charge and it seems that once again he failed to have his team prepared for a big game.

In the second half, trailing 16 to 0, Favre gets a chance to open up the offense. His stats change dramatically! He goes 21 for 31, 285 yards, and 2 touch-downs. This shows me that if you let Brett Favre be Brett Favre the points will pile up. You have to wonder if the Vikings would have taken this approach in the first half the outcome would have been different. Another prime time game and another loss for the Vikings.
You have to wonder if Brad Childress has this team in position to make a run for the super bowl. I think that Ziggy Wilf should strongly consider firing Childress if the Vikings fail to win yet another playoff game. I, like many of the people in Minnesota, think that all the pieces are in place for a Super Bowl title and the only thing holding us back is bad coaching. I would find it hard to buy tickets for next season if the Vikings do not succeed in the post season. It’s time to take a good look at why the Vikings don’t win games they need to win.
While most championship teams start to get hot at the end of seasons the Vikings have done the opposite by losing 3 out of the last 4 games they have played. Sunday’s game versus the New York Giants will prove to be a true test of Childress’ ability to get his team to play. It’s time to put two solid halves together; come out aggressive and step on the throats of the Giants when you have the lead. Do not go conservative if you have a second half lead! But knowing the gutless wonder, they call Brad Childress, he will no doubt play conservative and the game will end much closer than it should.

By Jeremy Suess

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  1. I think that you hit it right on the head by laying the blame on the Vikings head coach. I also am so tired of being able to predict the first down running plays. Give Farve the opportunity to go deep right away and catch the opposition napping.

    One other complaint that you failed to mention was the absence of the Vikings special teams. How can you give up so many yards on kickoff returns? They should give these guys a special lesson on the basics of tackling. Maybe they could use Childress as a tackling dummy?

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